What is The Curly Girl Method

Lorraine Massey is the author of the high-quality-selling e-book, Curly Girl: The Handbook. This is wherein most ladies (and guys!) start their curly hair adventure. I sold the ebook, examine it in a couple of hours and ordered my first curly girl-accredited merchandise that same day. Have I appeared lower back in view that? Absolutely! There’s a announcing that the best time you must appearance lower back, is to peer how a ways you’ve come. I have taken so many pics of my hair and selfies considering the fact that I began. They are the first-class motivation to hold going when I experience like giving up.

Afro v Curly
When I started Googling curly woman product opinions, DIY mask, YouTube movies and so forth. Most of what I discovered become from curly ladies with afro hair. I discovered it unexpected that my hair kind failed to seem that nicely represented and became determined to research and find out greater approximately my hair kind. I’m 1/2 Irish, half Italian with thick, curly hair. (Although if we get technical, my actual hair strands are pleasant, I’ve just were given loads of them!)

Afro hair may be very exclusive in texture to curly hair, however the strategies and techniques are lots the same. Many of the products which are nice for curly hair and are curly woman-approved, can most effective be located in ethnic shops or on-line – simply in Ireland! When I changed into little, I don’t forget being taken to an Afro-Caribbean keep in London and given products because they had been the handiest ones that tamed my wild curls. I actually appeared just like the love toddler of Macy Gray and Worsel Gommage – if you could believe one of these component!

Curly Girl Method
The curly girl approach is a set of do’s, don’ts and components to avoid and embrace. This will enhance and inspire the herbal curl pattern for your hair. Many human beings who have wavy hair, start their curly hair adventure best to find out they really have virtually curly hair! My hair is not as curly as it was, before I broken it so much with warmth and colouring. But it is the healthiest and curliest it is been in years, and it is getting curlier with every wash.

Don’t wash an excessive amount of – aim for two or three instances every week.
Don’t use anything containing sulfates, usually observed in shampoo.
Don’t use non-soluble silicones, typically found in conditioners and styling products.
Don’t use heat, it severely damages the hair. The higher the heat, the greater the damage.
Don’t brush or comb your hair as this pulls out the hair’s herbal curl sample. Now, many curly ladies use a few type of massive-enamel comb or changed Denman brush to work the conditioner thru their hair in the bathe. I personally use the Denman paddle brush on my hair, and my daughters.
Don’t use towels, they tough up the hair cuticle and motive lots of frizz – regardless of how mild you’re.
Don’t use drying alcohols, they dry out the hair, but no longer all alcohols are drying.
Don’t colour your hair. Natural is quality for your hair, and it is the entire ethos in the back of the curly female technique. Colouring your hair frequently includes using ingredients which might be on the “keep away from” listing, so it’s now not counseled. But many people do it and still preserve wholesome curls.

Co-wash. This is a cleaning conditioner, or you could use a CG-authorised conditioner in preference to shampoo, to scrub your hair. Personally I use an real co-wash (aka cleaning conditioner) that’s lighter than a ordinary conditioner. It has all of the cleansing blessings of a shampoo, without all of the harsh, drying, stripping components; and all the benefits of a conditioner without being too heavy. The one I use and advocate all the time is the cult-favorite As I Am Coconut Co-Wash.
If you suspect a co-wash can be too heavy in your hair, use a CG-accepted shampoo, or “low poo” alternatively. Whatever you select, ensure they haven’t any of the ingredients listed above in the “Don’t” segment.