How to Help a Victim of Car Accident

How to Help a Victim of Car Accident

Road accidents are not uncommon even in a safe country like Singapore. Recent reports have noted that the number of deaths related to road accidents in Singapore has dramatically decreased from 2010 to 2016 and has only slightly increased from 2017 to 2018. Yet, on a global scale, while lower than Seoul’s, the cases of road fatalities in Singapore turned out to be more severe than those of London, Hong Kong, and Tokyo, yielding a much higher mortality rate.

The most common causes of car accidents in Singapore are alcohol consumption and red light violations. The use of mobile phones and other forms of distracted driving also account for car accidents.

Following traffic guidelines and proper driving etiquette is still the best way to prevent any form of vehicular accidents. But since accidents happen to the best of us, it is highly encouraged to learn emergency care for car accidents and other vehicular mishaps, especially if you are on the road most of the time.

If you are in a position of privilege, providing help can save lives. Whether you know the person or is just helping out to spare the lives of a stranger, here is how you can help victims when you become witness to car accidents.

First things first

Remain calm.

Accidents can rattle us and induce panic. If you come across a horrible car accident and want to help, make sure that you are in the right state of mind to do so.

Step aside and breathe for a few minutes. Pull yourself together. Ask yourself if you can handle it. Make sure that you are calm before you approach the accident scene. Having a clear and present mind allows you to process the scene, what seems to have happened and what needs to be done. You need a rational mind to be able to help and create a decision. Otherwise, you can only complicate things.

Once you are able to establish your calm, you can now proceed to the scene.

Secure the scene.

If you happened to be the first person on the scene of an accident or someone who can assist, pull over to the side of the road. If the victim is in the middle of the road, you can use your car to shield the victim/s and the scene, but make sure that you are not blocking lanes and oncoming traffic. See to it that emergency help can still access the roads when they eventually respond to the scene.