Most Important First Aid Tips to Remember at All Times

Most Important First Aid Tips to Remember at All Times

It is obvious that First Aid Training Winnipeg is extremely important, together with CPR courses, when it comes to helping someone overcome a dangerous crisis until the paramedics arrive and take over the case. This kind of training, including the HCP courses that are specially created for healthcare providers, gives you the ability to stay calm and the knowledge of doing the right thing in life-threatening situations. But, even so, the following tips may turn to be extremely helpful, especially when you need to act fast and precise.

1. Applying pressure on bleeding areas stops the blood from flowing out

A bleeding wound can represent a very high risk because losing too much blood can also mean to lose one’s life. So, in case of injury, the fastest way to stop the victim lose any more blood is to apply direct pressure, in a firm manner, onto the wound. Practically, you have to press on the spot that is allowing blood to flow out of the body with your hands until the ambulance comes and secures the area with medical bandages.

2. Do not hesitate to use a defibrillator if you have to

You should not be afraid to use a defibrillator or AED, Automated External Defibrillator, even if you had no first aid training. They are designed to be used by anyone, this is why they can be found in many public areas so that they accessible in case of need. You will get all the guidance you need from the machine itself, in order to use it correctly, so if the situation needs it, use the AED to restart a person’s heart.

3. Bend the head forward in case of nosebleed, and not backward

One of the most common mistakes people do when it comes to nosebleeds is that they tilt their heads backward or lie on their backs. In reality, leaning the head forward and keeping the tip of the nose pinched for approximately 10 minutes is the best and most effective way to stop a bleeding nose.

4. Use water in case of burns

In case you see someone that suffered burns, you need to get some cool water as soon as possible and apply it to the burn. The main idea is to cool the burned area quickly, to prevent the burn to cause any more damage to the tissue around it. So, if possible, putting the burned area under running water is the fastest way to reduce the temperature. If you cannot move the victim, clean compresses with cool water applied to the burn will also help.